Your kidneys are vital for your survival. Their main tasks are to filter waste substances out of your blood and balance the levels of salts and water in your body.

At Diaverum, our mission is to enhance the lives of renal patients, enabling them to live fulfilling lives. An essential part of this is to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys, how to protect them, and to know how they work - knowledge that forms a major part of our efforts to educate patients on health and the value of prevention.

Several kidney diseases can damage our kidneys temporarily or permanently, which may lead to the development of various co-morbidities. Each patient has unique disease pattern.

At Diaverum, we take this into account and treat each of our patients as individuals, with a patient-centric approach. Moreover, we provide renal patients with comprehensive medical care from a single source, using a Care Delivery Model underpinned by a continuously evolving digital infrastructure. 

That means we do not only offer the best individual treatment for our patients, but that we also treat the co-morbidities and offer transplant preparation and aftercare.

Our treatment aims to give our patients the chance to live as normal life as possible and help them with slowing the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).


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