Delivering excellent care requires us to have educated and empowered people at the heart of our business, and we seek to nurture them throughout their careers.

We are a constantly growing organisation and we want to encourage new potential and see our employees grow with us. We achieve this through empowerment, education, training and diverse career opportunities.


Every year, many of our centres offer young people the opportunity to start training as medical assistants. This gives them the opportunity to gradually learn how things work everyday at the centre, to take on responsibility, and to work independently. Trainees can also learn about dialysis if they are interested and eligible.
The prerequisites for entry here are: a successfully completed school leaving certificate, a passion and interest in patient care and support, an organized and reliable work style, and fluent German language skills.

You can find more information on training as a medical assistant here.

Internal Training

"If you rest, you rust". That is how the old saying we have heard many times goes. However, as with all the sayings, there is some truth to it. After all, those who do not develop stay where they are.
This is how we see it at Diaverum Deutschland. Only by training and educating our staff can we continue to ensure the highest level of care for our dialysis patients.
We make this possible with our internal training tools such as d.ACADEMY. Here we encourage our employees to develop and expand on their professional and personal skills. Our nurses, doctors, managers, and patients have access to a variety of e-learning programmes. The innovative d.ACADEMY, for instance, is a genuine knowledge exchange, from experts for experts, and based on the results of groundbreaking scientific research. d.ACADEMY also includes a digital library for personal development which has information on topics like soft skills or project management training.

We also induct new employees through our d.ACADEMY. In addition to accompanying our experienced mentors and practical instructors trained in everyday dialysis work, new employees receive professionally prepared training documents for an introduction to dialysis. Here we explain possible complications of dialysis, the causes of these complications, and how to prevent and treat them, for example. We also provide detailed information on the different types of vascular access and the necessary care.

Additional Training Opportunities

In addition to d.ACADEMY’s e-learning offerings, our employees have the opportunity to learn from additional internal and external medical training programmes. These are organised in the clinics. If an employee needs specific knowledge, in-house experts or external training staff are ready to help.

Our nurses also have the opportunity to participate in specialised training on nephrology. After at least two years of professional experience, including at least six months of continuous experience in nephrology, trained nursing staff can then reinforce and expand on their specialised knowledge in various practical and theoretical phases. They also have the chance to deepen their knowledge of specialist fields.

Furthermore, we are pleased when nurses are willing to participate in further training courses such as practical guidance, nutritional advice, or quality management.

There are no limits on employee development here. We see this with our trainees, for example, who take on more and more responsibility over time after completing their own training, going all the way to nursing management.


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