I am Maria Venhoff and long ago, after completing my training, I worked in the Internal Medicine Department at St. Josef Hospital in Moers.
After the birth of my second child, I cut my work schedule down to working every second weekend and every second holiday. At that time, Dr. Paul was looking for a nurse for the evening shift at his outpatient dialysis facility in Kleve. I introduced myself and was hired immediately. It was a stressful time at the beginning, since I did not have any experience in dialysis. Some nights, I dreamed of beeping machines. I committed myself to this new task, and I have never lost the fun of it. This is also demonstrated by my long affiliation with Dialyse Kleve, where I have been for 33 years. And even when the centre became Diaverum in 2010, the joy remained.
My work area includes tasks such as patient care, organization, ordering, invoice verification, and documentation. I like the variety of activities, the high degree of personal responsibility, the technical requirements, and even the documentation work. For several years now, I have handled nursing management at the centre, which entails a lot of personnel responsibility. And working in a good team, which always supported me to the best of their abilities, has kept me motivated over the years and kept me coming to work every day!