My name is Jennifer Hempel and I started my 3-year professional training as a physician assistant at the MVZ Diaverum Erkelenz in August 2009.  After completing my apprenticeship, I joined the clinic as a dialysis nurse. I had never thought that I would eventually take on the position as head nurse, as there were enough colleagues with more experience at the clinic. Nevertheless, I took over the position in September 2020. My work includes many administrative and organisational tasks, such as drafting the rostering arrangements, the general organisation in the clinic, and ensuring that everything runs according to policies. Of course, I continue to care for our patients during dialysis, which I am incredibly happy about. I particularly enjoy working with patients. As you see patients usually 3 times a week, you end up having a very good relationship with many of them. In addition to caring for patients, I particularly like about my work that every day is different and you never really know what will happen next and how stressful the day might be. My work is incredibly varied and not too monotonous.

During the time I've worked at Diaverum, I have experienced a lot and, above all, I've seen many colleagues come and go. And I still remember very well that at that time I was not convinced that I would be staying in dialysis. But what can I say? I don't regret a second of the time that I have stayed here. When things get tough you think about throwing the towel in, but quite honestly, I always asked myself what would await me somewhere else? And there was no answer to that.

I feel at home here and I have an absolutely great team that can always be relied on. Because of the team and our great clinic manager, I enjoy going to work each day. We have a great time together and are like a small family that is there for each other, no matter how bad things get. Team spirit is simply right here. And that's why I'm also happy to be a part of Diaverum and am very grateful for the trust placed in me here and for the opportunity to grow and invest in myself. I don't take that for granted.