Over 60 Medical and Nursing management representatives from across Diaverum’s global network recently came together for the 2022 Annual Medical Meeting. The three-day session, held between 25-27 October, was the first time delegates had the opportunity to meet in person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting itself was held in Marrakech, Morocco, one of Diaverum’s most rapidly developing markets, which earlier this year saw the simultaneous launch of two clinics, Meknès and El Basma in May, and is expected to become a major entry point for the organisation into the African continent over the coming years.

Presided over by Diaverum’s CEO, Dimitris Moulavasilis, who opened the Meeting with an inspiring presentation on the organisation’s strategic positioning and future plans, the Annual Medical Meeting’s purpose was to create a forum in which to discuss the clinical, digital and scientific research strategies that place our organisation as a leading global leader of renal care services.

Over the ensuing three days, delegates from twenty-two markets and Corporate debated the indicators and clinical outcomes resulting from the implementation of clinical holistic care strategies focused on improving survival and quality of life. 

Find below a short summary of the topics covered in the meeting:

Day 1
The first day focused on delivering a detailed analysis of the medical performance at Diaverum, as well as shed light on key projects to increase the company’s offering in home renal replacement therapies and peritoneal dialysis.

Day 2
On the second day, the programme focused on the exchange of learnings, experiences and best practice examples from a number of participating markets. Delegates also had the opportunity to become better acquainted with one another, in an interactive and lively presentation of the work they do on a local level.

Day 3
The final day opened with a status update on new clinical strategies; additionally, a detailed introduction on Diaverum’s efforts to improve the approach to cardiovascular disease in dialysis patients was also delivered. Finally, Diaverum’s scientific research team delivered a status report on the activities and project initiatives under its remit.

During the Meeting, delegates also had the opportunity to hear from renown Portuguese nephrologist, Dr Domingos Machado, who has dedicated his entire life to kidney transplantation and Diaverum, delivered a masterful speech on ethics and kidney transplantation. As part of the Diaverum Awards, Dr Machado also shared his deeply personal and moving account of how he became the first non-directed kidney donor in Portugal.

Commenting on the event’s success, Dr Fernando Macário, Diaverum’s Chief Medical Officer, commented: "During these three days in Morocco, we had a much-welcomed opportunity to not only share medical insights and news, we also had the much-needed opportunity to strengthen relationships between colleagues from the different medical departments. It was a true honour to participate in the Diaverum Awards Finalists’ ceremony, a moment that will forever be etched in our memories.”

“We came away from this first post-pandemic meeting feeling enriched, empowered and ready for the year ahead".

Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO, said: "I was privileged to open the first post-pandemic annual medical meeting hosted by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Fernando Macário and attended by our 62 medical and nursing leaders worldwide. I was pleased to see the consistent implementation of our care delivery strategies worldwide and listen to the countries' perspectives and best practices".

"With all the new medical programmes in place, the daily insights at the individual patient level with CPM 2.0, the inclusion of health-related quality of life and patient perception of care data, and most importantly, with solid clinical governance, Diaverum's care delivery is a benchmark for holistic and personalised dialysis care".