As we provide life-enhancing renal care, we strive to meet our obligations to society and to the environment, while keeping you, our patients, at the heart of all we do.

Our commitment to you

People with CKD often have complex needs and other conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If you are visiting our clinics regularly for dialysis, you may see more of our nurses than you do of your own family or friends. We recognise that you may become isolated from society by the demands of your care and we thus aim to make this essential aspect of your life as pleasant as possible by prioritising empathy, and a human touch.

We also encourage you to participate in decisions about your treatment, and indeed, where you feel able, we will work with you to help you learn how to carry out aspects of your own care. By such approaches, we improve medical outcomes, lower mortality rates and decrease days spent in hospital. All these things can help to reduce healthcare burdens and thus ensure that others who need help can readily access it.

Our commitment to developing countries and new markets

In many developing countries, patients with CKD die because they lack access to effective treatment. We want to bring high-quality renal care to patients who live in countries where it is currently unavailable. Our rigorous market entry process ensures that we only operate where we can be sure that local practices will enable us to maintain our standards. We work with local health authorities to define their national renal strategy, allowing for new paradigms of care.

When we enter a new country or acquire a new clinic, we know that we must bring the highest standards of care to improve patient outcomes. To ensure that we meet our own standards, we carry out pre-integration audits, evaluate results after the first 100 days and then again after a year. And we have always seen improvements in the standard of care and patient experience in our clinics.

With this approach, we are driving care innovation and by developing new technologies we can significantly enhance medical outcomes and transform our sector. We have revolutionised clinics by automating data-capture and minimising human errors in reporting, thereby improving standardisation, ensuring patient safety, and reducing our environmental impact. All this leads us to be confident that our “digital twin programme” will change access to care and eventually allow our specialists to provide the basics for dialysis treatment in remote locations. Our vision is of a world where a skilled kidney doctor sitting in Sweden or Portugal can support nurses providing care in Central Africa.

Saving water and energy

Clean water is crucial to safe dialysis and we continue to look for new ways to minimise our impact without compromising our standards or putting patients at risk. We are actively collaborating with manufacturers of dialysis units to decrease water and energy consumption as well as standardising clinic construction to ensure the lowest possible use of water.

We are constantly reassessing our sustainability goals. In all this, one theme stands out: care. We always put care, of you, society and our environment, at the heart of our work.  

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