Our focus on providing world-class renal care for every one of our patients in each of our clinics is made possible by the professionalism and competence of our staff. People who care, and who want to make a difference.

Our networks provide the opportunity for personal growth and development on an international level. As described below, we are a diverse team of people from different backgrounds and professions. As well as seeking the best talent from within healthcare,  we are eager to learn from other sectors and embrace people who want to make a step into our world.



Our nurses make up the majority of our staff. They are the ones who create a direct and lasting link with our patients and improve their quality of life every day. Our nurses are our care and treatment experts and participate in several company-wide programs for personal development and exchanging ideas.

When filling our care team, we follow the current dialysis standard of the German Society of Nephrology. It defines the qualification requirements for nursing staff in dialysis.
As such, we employ qualified nurses, healthcare professionals, and medical specialists. We also employ pediatric nurses and geriatric nurses for dialysis.

Prior knowledge of dialysis is of course an advantage, but it is not a precondition for employment. We also hope to see fluent German language skills, an open and trusting nature, team spirit, and empathy for the interests of our patients and their relatives.


Doctors are our experts in medical excellence. They ensure that we follow the highest standards of renal care, while also overseeing our patient-centric research and scientific programs. At Diaverum, our training program gives doctors access to state-of-the-art knowledge, a place where they can share their experience and learn from each other. Together, they make sure that we are the best in our field and that we pass on our knowledge to the rest of the world.

As we expand our medical teams across all our clinics, we are looking for internal medicine physicians specializing in nephrology. However, we would also be happy to take on young colleagues still completing further nephrologist training. We place great importance on open and collegial cooperation, professional expertise, empathy for our patients and their individual needs, and a focus on goals.

If you have any questions about working as a doctor at Diaverum Deutschland, our Medical Director Prof. Dr. Rainer Woitas is happy to hear from you.

Further clinical staff

Our nurses and doctors are supported by other staff members in patient care. These people ensure that we are able to operate our clinics at the highest possible standards, and they help coordinate the many treatment services we offer our patients.

Service staff support our work by accompanying dialysis patients to their places, by providing food at the individual dialysis stations, by preparing the trolleys with treatment materials, or by preparing and cleaning/organizing the treatment rooms.
For this staff, we like to see training as a nursing assistant or experience in the health sector, but this is not a prerequisite. However, you should bring an open and friendly nature and demonstrate reliability.

Our technicians keep the dialysis machines in good working order and make sure they are provisioned properly. They service, repair, and supply around 90 dialysis machines in our Hamburg clinic on Alte Teichweg, for example. Applicants must have completed technical training, preferably with experience in medical devices and a reliable and structured work style.

As the face of the clinic, our medical specialists are usually seen at the outpatient clinics. They greet our patients and their relatives, take them in for treatment, take blood samples or perform other laboratory tests, or provide assistance with billing.
Applicants must have completed medical specialist training, preferably with professional experience. However, you are also welcome to join us as soon as you have completed your training. Applicants should be fluent in German, have a friendly and open nature, and enjoy dealing with people. We like to give our patients an open ear and an understanding of their individual concerns.

You can learn more about open positions and vacancies here.


Maria - 33 years at our Kleve clinic

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